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As individuals, we each live very different lives. However with our physical bodies there are many similarities. This is a good thing. Imagine how much time it would take if a doctor had to study an individual body just to find where the kidneys were located. What if t-shirts had to be custom designed because arms were in radically different placements for everyone? This may seem a bit of an odd idea, but the point is people share more similarities then we usually take time to think about.

One important similarity which all living beings share is that the body is designed to heal itself. There are times, however when the body needs help to heal fully. For example, a broken bone will mend itself, but it needs to first be aligned into the proper position to heal correctly. The same is true about the muscles of the body. Pain, inflammation, muscle tension and the loss of movement can be the resulting effects of the body trying to heal.

In truth, the body wants to be properly aligned. Bodywork and massage help restore muscles and connective tissue to a healthy and balanced state. But knowing exactly how to relax the muscles and coax them back into their correct configuration takes skilled hands with years of refined and knowledgeable practice. Brian has many years of experience in massage therapy with a veritable tool box of techniques at his disposal: swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, craniosacral and Bowen techniques.
With more than 24 years of experience with the healing arts, Brian is also well-versed in understanding the energies of the body which is a key component of his practice.

With completing more than 50 marathons (and longer) and 16 years of dedicated martial arts practice, Brian has an in-depth understanding of the importance and benefits of an active life style. Sometimes you push too hard or an injury limits your lifestyle because of pain and limited movement. It is tempting to push through the pain to keep going. However this is rarely a good strategy as it will often aggravate the problem. To get yourself back in working order so you can live your life fully, come down to Body Energetics. You will be amazed at what Brian can do for you.
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Brian Fillman
Is an experienced Massage Therapist with many years of experience in Therapeutic Massage and Healing in the Front Royal area.
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