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Therapeutic Massage

When your body is trying to heal, the imbalance can sometimes cause other difficulties. For example, you sprain your ankle and don’t seek therapeutic aid. Perhaps it is a mild sprain and in a few days you are able to “walk it off”. To prevent discomfort you start to walk at a different angle with your injured foot. The problem is that your compensation can shift your muscles and cause a misalignment in your leg, hip and spine. At first, this change may be so subtle that you don’t even notice the difference. But if this goes uncorrected, your imbalance can lead to joint and muscle pain in your knee, hip, back, shoulder and even your neck. The muscles and connective tissues in your body have shifted to compensate for the new way you are walking. This causes a misalignment that is painful and can significantly impact your mobility. Brian is well versed in correcting such issues by utilizing both western style massage therapies and ancient healing arts.

Understanding the energies of the body has a wide range of benefits but it is the mixture of eastern and western massage styles which makes Brian’s practice so successful. The muscles of the body have a proper and natural alignment. Energetic blockages and physical traumas prevent the flow of a healthy configuration in your body. The exact structure of each muscle is unique for each person; the differences may seem insignificant but they are important to recognize and know for proper functioning and the complete comfort of the body. What allows Brian to know these subtle differences in your specific muscle configuration is his knowledge of energy. By reading the energy and following the pathways of energy in the body, he can decipher the precise structure of individual muscles and their functionality.

All the muscles in the body are interconnected on multiple levels. The vascular system, the fascia and bone orientation are holistic systems that have an effect that give signals to a trained therapist, indicating what the muscles need and where blockages occur. Because the body is so interconnected, a problem in one area may actually originate from an issue in another area. For instance, chronic shoulder pain could be the result of distressed muscles in the pelvis. For most muscular issues, medication is only a temporary remedy to relieve pain without actually fixing the problem. By understanding these systems and energy flow Brian is able to see and feel the cause of problematic issues and recognize the path to healing and recovery.

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