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Healing Arts

The human body is a complete system comprised of many interconnected subsystems. Each one of these subsystems is essential for the body as a whole to operate. The integumentary (skin), vascular, myofascial, muscular, nervous, skeletal and organ systems can be thought of separately, but they are intricately and specifically connected and fully dependent upon each other for survival. There is another system that innervates all of the physical components as well: the energetic, electromagnetic system of the body. It also has subsystems such as the Meridians (acupuncture, acupressure), the chakra system etc.

Everything produces an electromagnetic field and therefore produces energy. All matter is made up of atoms which each contain electrically charged protons and electrons. Most of these fields and the energy they emit are very subtle and nearly impossible to detect but they are still there none the less. Eastern philosophers and doctors have been aware of the healing aspects of energy and energy manipulation for millennia.

Knowledgeable in both western massage therapy and the energy systems of the body, Brian Fillman has a unique approach to holistic healing. Brian is a nationally certified massage therapist, with more than 23 years of experience in energy work and healing arts. His knowledge complements and bolsters his ability to help his clients with physical and even psychological ailments.

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